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Welcome to the TYC Racing community. This page is refreshed frequently, so if you want to keep up to date with TYC Racing, be sure to visit often.

Racing Announcements:
Tornberg Regatta (TYC Members Only) - September 12th
Short-Handed Regatta - October 3rd
Friday Night Racing Final race - September 4th, 2015 - Click Here to enter or for results
H.O Lind Series June 20, July 25 and August 22 - Click Here for results
Fox Hat August 15th - abandoned due to lack of wind!

TYC has an active club racing group which races seriously and has fun at the same time. We (usually) enjoy smooth waters off Paradise Cay which makes for a great racing venue. TYC club races are comprised of a handicap fleet divided into 2 (or more) divisions. At our bigger events we also have one-design divisions.

TYC club races are open to non-members (except where indicated) and take place off Paradise Cay on the east side of the Tiburon peninsula. Visitors are always welcome and we invite you to come and participate with us at any of our races in the calendar below. We use VHF channel 69 for all our racing communication

The 2015 Race Chair is Mariellen Stern, assisted by Pete Riopel. They can be contacted at race@tyc.org

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2015 TYC Racing Events

This year we are going to use Jibeset to manage the TYC racing.

Click Here to enter TYC races

Here is our 2015 Race Calendar:

Midwinters Series - Jan 10th, Feb 7th & March 7th - Click Here for results
Don Wan Regatta - April 11th - Click Here for results
Sinko de Mayo Regatta - May 9th - Click Here for results
Behrens Regatta - May 16th - Click Here for results
Friday Night Racing - every Friday Night starting May 22nd ending September 4th - Click Here to enter and for results
TYC/CYC Friendship Regatta (hosted at TYC) - May 30th - Click Here for results
H. O. Lind Series - Jun 20th, July 25th & August 22nd - Click Here for results
Brothers & Sisters Race - July 4th - Click Here for results
Moseley Regatta (for Etchells & Knarrs) - July 18th - Click Here for results
Fox Hat Regatta - August 15th - Cancelled
Tornberg Regatta (TYC Members Only) - September 12th
Short-Handed Regatta - October 3rd
Joan Storer Womens Regatta - October 17th
Red Rock Regatta - October 31st
Wild Turkey Regatta - November 27th

For a downloadable calendar Click Here (pdf format)

Important Racing Information

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Other Regattas of Interest

This section has been added to allow quick access to YRA and other events that may be of interest. Follow the link for more information and entry forms.

Date Event
January 17/18 and Feb 21/22 CYC Midwinters
January 31st SSS - Three Bridge Fiasco

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2014 Series Winners

    Div 1: Ian Matthew - "Siento el Viento"
    Div 2: Gary Proctor - "Meritime"
Don Wan Regatta:
    Div 1: Bill Hoehler - "Joyride"
    Div 2: Otto Schreier - "Galante"
Behrens Regatta:
    Div 1: Bill Hoehler - "Joyride"
    Div 2: Gerry Gunn/John Sullivan - "Diversion"
H.O. Lind Series:
    Spinn: Anthony Chargin - "Two Irrational"
    Non-Spinn: Otto Schreier - "Galante"
Brothers and Sisters Regatta:
    Div 1: Ian Matthew - "Siento el Viento"
    Div 2: Bob Horton - "Brigadoon"
Fox Hat Race:
    Tom Siebel - "Double Trouble"
Double-Handed Race:
Single-Handed Race:
    No Race
Tornberg Regatta:
    Div 1: Gerry Gunn/John Sullivan - "Diversion"
    Div 2: Mariellen Stern - "Cinnamon Girl"
Red Rock Regatta:
    Div 1: Richard Selmeier - "Hurricane Gulch"
    Div 2: Lon Woodrum/ Steve Nimz - "Lion"
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